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Maid Service Aloma FL

Royal Maid Oviedo provides professional Maid Service to home owners at Aloma FL area

We understand the situation—you’re busy, the house is too big to clean all at once, and there’s just too much else to do. One week of pushing off cleaning becomes two weeks becomes a month, and in the end, your home continues to become more cluttered.

Premium housekeeping services

Royal Maid Service has been providing premium housekeeping services to our clients since 1992. Our English-owned company has continued to set the standard for house cleaning, housekeeping, and other residential cleaning services for more than 20 years. What sets us apart is our high-level professionalism: Royal Maids are all licensed, bonded, and insured—ensuring a high standard of cleanliness while preserving your peace of mind.

Maid Service for Occasional, Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly Cleaning

Don’t have time to clean your home? Royal Maid Service provides a first-class flexible service to meet your needs.

Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning Services – Maid Service

Moving can be stressful but with our experience cleaning homes before or after a move, we guarantee to help make your move easier.

Spring Cleaning

Only need us for a special occasion? Royal Maid Service will provide a thorough clean at an affordable rate.

Maid Service for Your Party Cleaning

Royal Maid Service specializes in the harder cleans before and after your event so you don’t have to worry about the clean up!

Maid services near Aloma FL for residential home cleaning

The best-equipped business to make sure your home is clean and organized is Royal Maid Service. As a British-owned housekeeping company, we have a deep understanding of what our clients are looking for. We offer free in-home estimates so that we can tailor our cleaning to your home, implementing a customized cleaning plan that will keep your home as polished as a royal estate

Having a clean home is about more than being organized—it’s about feeling at home in your space, about creating a stress-free haven. Studies have shown that clutter and dirty surfaces have a stressful effect on our minds, but we are more able to relax when our spaces are clean and organized. Clean homes lead to clearer minds, and that’s always a good thing.

Royal Maid Seminole Owners

About the Owners

Sharon and Graham Murray arrived here in January 2000 with four children, six suitcases and a dream. As the first Royal Maid office serving Seminole county they felt it was their duty to set a standard that would lay the foundation for a quality and professional service to the community. Starting from scratch they quickly built a strong reputation taking them from zero teams to the current ten teams and they are still growing. Many of the customers that gave them a chance back in 2000 are still with the Royal Maid Service today.

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