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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning for Your Business

Our Housekeepers Can Serve Your Commercial Needs

When it comes to housekeeping, Royal Maid Service has been the best in the business for more than 20 years. Since 1992, we have offered premium, professional-quality cleaning for residents and local businesses.

Royal Maid Service is a premium moving day cleaning service that has been serving households since 1992. We have the skills, experience, and ability to handle any type or level of mess. Our services include window cleaning, screen cleaning, pool cleaning, and high-quality traditional housekeeping.

If you want your business space to look as clean, polished, and professional as your business is,contact us to schedule a free estimate.

The Business Benefits of a Clean Office: Why Hire a Professional?

Appearances aside, a clean office can benefit your peace of mind, your ability to think clearly, and even your ability to create innovative solutions. It can make your day more efficient as well, giving you time for the tasks and projects that matter. Here are a few ways that professional office cleaning can practically benefit your business.

#1: It Frees Up Your Time

Is cleaning important? Absolutely. However, you and your employees have better things to do. Hiring a professional to handle your cleaning on a regular basis allows your team to focus on what’s truly important. Don’t let your employees waste their time on a task we can do with professional quality.

#2: It Keeps Your Office Healthier

Cleaning surfaces regularly keeps germ and bacterial build-up from affecting the immune system of your business. Underperformance or calling in sick costs businesses up to $240 billion a year—meticulous and thorough cleaning can minimize the presence of the cold, flu, or whatever is likely to travel around your office.

#3: It Reduces Stress (& Makes Work More Effective)

Clean surfaces and organization on a frequent basis keeps your office efficient. Studies show that having a clean space results in less stress and better performance when it comes to projects. Clean spaces can also subconsciously encourage you and your employees to maintain organization throughout the day—reducing the amount of time you’d waste searching for things you need.

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